Monday, July 1, 2013

July Currently!

I can't believe it is July already! I also can't believe my summer is half over. =( This upcoming year is going to be full of so much change an I just don't handle change very well. But since it is July, I am joining up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly currently. I love this linky!

This is actually one of the rare moments that my boys are actually playing nicely and quietly together! They love each other, but boy can they annoy each other to death! But it's times like these that make me glad I had two boys because they really are the best of friends.
Tee ball is finally OVER! Woohoo!
We have been pretty much nothing but L.A.Z.Y this summer! We wake up late, hang out in our pj's, head over to the Y for me to Zumba and for them to play and then hit the pool till nap time. It has been great!
So now I am starting to realize that since my summer is half over, I probably need to start tackling all those items on my to do list. Laundry, clean, organize, TpT stuff... I really need to get on the ball because summer will be over before I know it and an unorganized house is only going to add to my stress level!

I am really wanting to go to the beach again before the end of the summer. We went right before school was out for a few days but another trip would be wonderful. We were supposed to go on a big trip to Busch Gardens, Sea World, and Disney World at the end of July but my husband changed jobs so we have to postpone the trip until he has built up his vacation time. But I am ok with this because the new job=more money!

Like I said, I need to be cleaning, organizing, and doing laundry!

When I started selling on Teachers Pay Teachers last October, I thought that I had to done everything at once. I needed to fill my store, I needed to start a blog, I needed to start a Facebook page, etc. My advice is to start with one thing and when you are comfortable with that, move on to the next thing.

I hope everybody has a fabulous Fourth of July!


  1. Kristi those boys are so adorable!! I love your advice about the TPT store. I find myself a bit overwhelmed with trying to fill it up. I'm going to go slow and steady. However, I have been working on a product for Monday Made It today. :) Happy Monday and let's slllllloooooowwww down July! :)


  2. I totally understand about the lazy thing! I have such a long list of things I wanted to get done this summer -- and now halfway in, I've done seemingly nothing! My couch is just so comfy!!!!

    Mrs. Kelly’s Klass

  3. Summer will be over in the blink of an eye! Enjoy your days :-)

  4. Your boys are precious!! I completely understand about loving each other and annoying each other because I have two boys as well. The days where they play together quietly are days that I cherish! We are loving our lazy summer days as well! Hope you have a great week!

    First Grade Circus

  5. I love what you wrote about your boys. I have two boys also, 6 & 3. Man, they can annoy each other (and mom, too). We're loving summer, but it has just begun for us! I should be cleaning and doing laundry but blog hopping is so much more fun!
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives